Blue Bee Orchard

The Blue Bee Orchard is a working pear and cherry orchard located on the Naramata Bench. Home of La Petite Abeille cidery and Plot Twist Farms.

About Blue Bee Orchard

A hidden gem surrounded by the Naramata Bench vineyards, the Blue Bee Orchard offers an experience found only in the Okanagan. At its site boasting vast, unobstructed views of Okanagan Lake, one will find La Petite Abeille cidery, a working orchard, beehives, and Plot Twist Farm’s permaculture garden. 

The Blue Bee Orchard has quickly become a sought-after events venue, where gatherings either take place under the boughs of the fruit trees or within the one-and-only “Pierre” cellar, whose moustache-handled doors open into a magical room built right into the hillside.

Plot Twist Farms

Tucked away on the Naramata Bench in Penticton, BC Plot Twist Farms soaks up the sun to bring you spray free, wholesome, delicious and REAL food. From farm tours and workshops to landscape design services and community supported agricultural food boxes, Plot Twist Farms has a lot to offer.

They never use chemicals in their farming, instead they rely on permaculture and biodynamic farming practices with an emphasis on biodiversity, natural and holistic systems. They continuously promote healthy soil and healthy relationships between insects, animals and people.

Communiti Collective

Book your next event at the Blue Bee Orchard through Communiti Collective.

Communiti Collective is a boutique event planning company serving the Okanagan + Vancouver in wedding, corporate, and community events. From planning to design to production, we help define your vision, then orchestrate your unforgettable event—we make dreams reality.

InsideOut Collections

The pottery at Blue Bee Orchard, presented by InsideOut Collections, Canada’s sole distributor of fine French Pottery. Their highly curated collections are meticulously handcrafted, bringing the beauty and effortless grace of the French home to your slice of Canadian soil.

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